Monday, July 29, 2013

Moving The Profound Perspective

This will be my final post on this web page as my Profound Perspective will be moving over to please follow me there from this point forward. I thank you all who have read me here and I thank and look forward to seeing you over at the new home of The Profound Perspective here on Tumblr.

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Truth About The Democratic Party

The Democratic Party has pulled off the greatest caper in the last 100 years. Somehow, they have convinced about 90% of every minority in the country that their party is the Democratic Party. I will say the Republican Party deserves some blame for this as they have increasingly lost touch with all reality. Amazingly the party that wanted to keep slavery intact and shot down the Civil Rights bill before seizing the very opportunity that got them into this positioning with a later version of the same bill has proven to be firmly entrenched as the party of all minorities.

As an African American what has this relentless support got us in the last 30 years? Think about it. When is the last time a presidential candidate visited a major city? Full of a diverse minority population of either party? There are entire regions that get ignored by both parties due to the fact that many often blindly support the Democratic Party without criticism or question. We have unfortunately placed ourselves in a very powerless position.  We get flat out ignored by democrats because they know they already have the minority vote. This is why there are no campaign stops in New York, LA or Chicago. Sadly on the other end of the spectrum we are so far entrenched into being "Blue" that Republican candidates equally don't bother. Why should they? They would be ignored left and right and no matter how great a message they could put together nobody would care, as if elephants were symbolic of lying demons.

The Republican Party was one founded amongst abolitionists looking to end slavery. The very election of Republican President Lincoln tore the country in half as Southern Democrats fought to keep their institution of slavery in place. This is why Fredrick Douglass was a Republican as was Martin Luther King Jr. In fact many great figures in African American history such as Zora Neale Hurston, Jackie Robinson, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and Booker T. Washington were all Republicans. It was Southern Democrats that created Jim Crow laws and despised minorities legally, and literally.

It is time people wake up, do the research and educate themselves about what their positions and parties are. Being a black Republican has nothing to do with your finances our "selling out" or being bourgeois. These words have for far too long held back education and exploration about the history of the political parties and why we hold our political stances. The purpose of this article is not to say that minorities should not be Democrats, the purpose is to reexamine why. Far too long the masses have been convinced that the Democrats somehow care more as if both parties don’t do the exact same things in office. The only difference is the spin put on it by the politicians and the media outlets. Be an educated and informed people, know your elected officials and hold them accountable, especially at the local level. Think about why your voting for who you voting the next time you cast a vote, and quit allowing the wool to be pulled over your eyes.

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Aftermath Of Zimmerman & Martin

I know it has been a while since I have written a post, but current events have sparked my thoughts. I am going to do my best to write this article from two viewpoints. Both have  some merit and I understand both sides. Lets begin.

For all those feeling the injustice of George Zimmerman being found not guilty we are at a loss. It appears that the Judicial System is extremely biased. I see memes floating around showing how Zimmerman got off, Casey Anthony got off despite evidence that she killed her daughter , Andrea Yates got off after admitting she drowned her children yet Michael Vick served two years for dogfighting, Plaxico Burress got two years for shooting himself, and Marissa Alexander just got 20 years for firing warning shots. The people who got off are white (or part white in case of Zimmerman) and those who were given jail time are black. How is this possible in this great country. Those who are angry about Trayvon's death see a black child who was profiled for a criminal. He was stalked and engaged because he was black with a hoodie on. That is a fact. As a black man I can tell you that is our worst nightmare. To be labeled a criminal and have someone with a gun come after us where there are no witnesses. Be it police or neighborhood watch these things reek of the dark part of our nations history. We demand justice because the fact is Trayvon was lawfully walking home with snacks, and someone engaged him first, got their ass kicked and then executed him without warning. How is this possible? Even worse, every single negative aspect of his life dragged out as if he were on trial, as is his being suspended and etc. was somehow proving that he deserved to be profiled and killed. Sadly, if you do not understand how Zimmerman got off, then you do not understand this nations legal system.

For those Zimmerman supporters out there you see a man who saw something suspicious and went to investigate. At some point Trayvon retaliated and Zimmerman legally used his firearm to defend himself. You do not understand why race matters. You do not understand why there was a trial or why people are upset that Zimmerman was found not guilty. You see nothing wrong in Zimmerman being suspicious of Trayvon due to the crimes in the neighborhod.You are naieve and you do not understand Black America or any minorities for that matter.

The real problem in this story in my opinion are the state laws of Florida and every state in which such things are allowed. Lazy prosecutors and Judges have supported mandatory minimum laws and sweeping legislation without due diligence. Zimmerman may have pulled the trigger but the Stand Your Ground Law is what allowed the police to let him go and crimes like this to happen. In Florida there are gang leaders killing in the streets and claiming "Stand Your Ground" and yes, they get away. In Florida it is perfectly legal for anyone to pick a fight with a person and as soon as the other retaliates in any way remotely life threatening you can execute them without warning. Zimmerman never told Trayvon who he was or that he was armed. Trayvon didn't know he was armed until he was shot. Trayvon had every right to defend hinself against the "creepy ass cracker" he knew was following  him, yet his death goes as "justified" with this verdict. Zimmerman is guilty of profiling, picking a fight he could not finish and responding with gunfire, unfortunately in Florida that is perfectly legal. For the examples listed above about Plaxico Buress and Michael Vick, it was about star hunting, mandatory minimums and back door dealing that got them into jail. That is infact how our legal system works, deals with criminals, indiscriminate mandatory sentencing without reguard to facts and lazy prosecutors.

For all those angry we need to turn our attention to where it should be, the State of Florida. Florida's mandatory minimum laws forced Marissa Alexander to be sentenced to 20 years for firing warning shots to scare off a husband with a documented history of abuse. If she killed him then "Stand Your Ground" would apply but because they were only warning shots this mother must now go to jail. Ironically if Zimmerman fired warning shots he too would serve jail time under Florida law. The people need to demand action and march on the Florida Capitol in Tallahassee in order to change the laws that create injustice. This needs to happen everywhere nonsense laws like this are on the books.

There is nothing we can do to bring Trayvon back and despite my own disgust even I would have to find Zimmerman not guilty according to Florida Law. We can however use Trayvon's memory to make a real difference in changing the laws that makes it legal to stalk and execute without warning. For those who think Zimmerman got off easy, he will suffer the rest of his life for his cowardice and bad decisions. He will live as an outcast in financial ruin. He won't be able to use his own name. I saw a meme going around that says he will now feel like a black man in American by missing out on jobs and being treated "unfairly", I can say that being a black man is nothing to the sad life Zimmerman will have from now on. 

In the end human beings are human beings. We are flawed, we make bad decisions under pressure. We get excited and do things we have no business doing. Zimmerman did all of the above and the Florida laws allow it. In fact some say they encourage it. It is extremely racist to call a black teen a suspect merely because they are black and wearing a hooded sweatshirt in the rain. If Trayvon were white Zimmerman would have had to actually see something suspicious to make him believe that Mr. Martin was a threat, unfortunately he was not and that is why he is now dead. I support lawful gun ownership but I do not support having the free reign to end life no matter who starts a situation just cause you feel "threatened". I do not support mandatory minimums that allow first offenders in extenuating circumstances such as Marissa Alexander to go to jail for 20 years. Judges need to judge and be fair, discreation should be used, and reason should have a very prominent place in a court of law. There are laws that take that power out of their hands. Self defense existed long before stand your ground and it will long after. Let there be a real movement, to charge laws and be involved in the politics that create them. Learn who your local politicians are and make them earn your vote. Learn their platforms and lobby your state legislature. Make a real difference and honor Travon in that matter. Mr. Martin was not perfect, but he did not deserve to die. Keep his memory alive the right way, in the ways of Martin Luther King, by fighting peacefully to fix the real injustice, the laws of troubled States. 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Won't Be The Same This Year

There is a classic holiday song that says "Christmas won't be the same this year" and never has that been more true for me. This will be the first Christmas since my mother passed away. The holidays are a difficult time for those who have lost loved ones. That had never been so true for the family members of those slain in Newtown, CT. I remember my mother struggling to enjoy the holidays after losing her own parents. It was a difficult reminder for her as this upcoming Christmas will be for me and my family. I remember telling her that she still has us (her children) and the rest of the family and that Grandma would not like to see her sad. Eventually she adjusted and got right back into it being the matriarch of the family. This time is for family, no matter who we have lost. Despite losses of loved ones, one must consider the reason for the season.

I'm not going to begin a historical and philosophical debate on when Jesus Christ was born etc. What I do know is that December 25th is the world wide accepted day we celebrate his birth. For all those who are not believers its a holiday to them as well about the exact same principles christians share (just minus the birth of The Lord and Savior) and thus the majority of the world celebrates. Life continues to move on when our loved ones pass as a result so must we. That fact does not make it any easier as I personally know all too well.

For all those who find themselves struggling to find the Christmas spirit consider the other family members and loved ones in your life. It was hard on me watching my mother deal with her struggle. In my mind I am thinking what about me? For all of us out there who have their struggles never forget the reason or your remaining friends and family. I know my mother would want me (and her mother before her) to carry on a loving and celebratory tradition. Despite our losses lets never forget to be thankful and appreciative of being here and all those we still have. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The Grand Absurd Party

Before I begin this lambasting let it be known that I am a registered Independent. I side with each party depending on the issue at hand. I do not believe in painting across all issues with a broad brush (following the views of one party), each is delicate and deserves its own opinions and responses. That being said The Republican "Grand Old Party" is losing its grip on credibility. They are struggling with the blow of a second term by President Obama, and are tasked with negotiating a myriad of financial issues to prevent the infamous "fiscal cliff". It is known that Republicans oppose tax hikes for Americans, especially wealthy Americans.

President Obama wants to raise taxes on families earning $250,000 or more annually. That's a quarter million dollars of annual income or more. He also wants to extend existing taxes cuts for all those who make less than $250,000. The Democrats want to separate the vote for each action (obviously The Republicans would not dare say no to extending cuts for those earning less) , Republicans however want to put it all together either extending cuts for all or none at all in order to protect the wealthier citizens.

Let it be known there is nothing wrong with making money and one day I intend to fall in that higher bracket. That being said if there was a vote clearly (due to sheer numbers) the majority of Americans support this idea. Republican Speaker Boehner crafted a compromise that raised taxes for those making more than $1,000,000 (that's right 1 million). His own party backed out on him leaving him looking foolish and the whole GOP looking awful.

There are so many Republicans who have taken pledges not to raise taxes and this failure to compromise is proof. In order to create a balanced budget there must be reductions in spending (cuts) and revenue increases (taxes). If that is a fact how can Republicans negotiate in good faith when they refuse to raise taxes. That's like saying I'm here to negotiate but let it be known this is how its gonna be. It's insanity. Their failure to compromise and meet halfway for the well being of the majority of America (because you can't make everyone happy) should cost all of them their jobs.

I honestly believe that the notion of both parties should fall so that people vote how they really feel on each issue and not just what their party says. Until then we have this political warfare being played with American lives being impacted. One side has come to the table to play, it's time for the GOP to stop looking crazy and compromise. If this fiscal cliff actually happens then all Republicans should be voted out of office for failure to lead toward compromise. They are the ones who took pledges. They are the ones who refuse to budge. They believe in holding fast to principle and pledges to Grover Norquist over what's best for the country as a whole. It's time for them to come and propose a compromise that they can support otherwise it should be them that suffers rising unemployment and that's my Profound Perspective.

SHES Aftermath Pt 2: Mental Health

The second major issue following the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy is mental health in America. My focus in this post is not on the various types of mental health but on how it is treated and handled in America. When I first heard of this atrocious crime I asked myself what kind of sick monster would do such a thing. Eventually as the proper details have come out it turns out the gunman was in fact sick. The alleged gunman in this travesty was diagnosed with Autism and Aspegers Syndrome. Before I continue on let it be known I had two family members with varying degrees of Autusm. I do not believe that having these disorders makes you dangerous but lack of proper care and treatment can.

The alleged gunman's mental disorders gave him a reduced ability to feel empathy and emotion. Which unfortunately allowed him to commit heinous acts without his conscience. Dealing with an autistic child is frustrating, as a result his mother has been documented as frequenting a gun range (with the shooter in question) to connect with her son. That decision was as negligent and poor as it gets. The mother holds responsibility (in my humble opinion) for these crimes alongside the gunman himself. In what may have been a good hearted (yet undeniably negligent) attempt at connecting with her child she introduced a dangerous activity to someone with known mental health issues. I love my autistic family members but I know that they have no business at a gun range let alone handling one.

In this country I believe there are millions of people living with mental health disorders and have never been diagnosed. People tend to think of mental health problems in the extreme (I.e. severe autism and mental retardation, schizophrenia etc) when there are so many common yet complex issues that every day "normal on the outside" people struggle with. These issues range from depression, bi-polar disorder, attention deficit, hyperactive, and Obsessive compulsive all the way up to the major life inhibiting disorders. Half the battle is being able to accept and identify them. People avoid talking about or checking for them due to the negative connotations associated with them. By identifying these issues you can change ones life for the better with simple treatment or therapy or even the strong support of aware loved ones.

I am not one to claim to know what the gunman's mother was going through or what pushed her toward the idea that playing with guns was good for her and her child. It can be increasingly disheartening to deal with a debilitating mental disorder. It's hard enough to have a relationship with someone who may be bi-polar or depressed let alone something like autism. We as a society must continue to bring light to mental health in order to promote and identify mental well being for the sake of all society.

On any given day a "normal" person can be driven off of the "deep end" so another thing we must consider is how we deal with and interact with strangers and especially our loved ones. You never know what a person is going through when they are having a bad day, make a mistake or even lash out themselves in anger. You never want to be the person who sets someone off. We will never know what pushed this gunman with known mental health problems into this atrocity, but what we can see is that he was mishandled by his care takers. Please do not confuse mishandle with abuse because I am sure that his mother most likely loved him very much and only wanted for his well being however mistakes were made.

A series of unfortunate events pushed a mentally challenged person into this monstrous act that had changed lives and ultimately America. We as a society must raise awareness of mental health issues to the forefront of everyone so people can be identified and treated. In doing so we must be careful however to not begin witch hunts especially with our youth. When I was in middle school I had an incident where I could hardly remember what another classmate had done to anger me. I remember walking out into the hallway to calm down, when followed by the teacher she asked me to return to class. I told her I needed a minute, when she asked why my response was "they keep pissing me off, makes me wanna kill somebody". This poor choice of words prompted multiple interviews with school officials and my mother. I couldn't imagine the response such words would have in today's world, needless to say I continued on just fine after some uncomfortable conversations due to my figure of speech.

School children will forever be mean, inappropriate and cruel to each other. Some will ignore and forget and some (especially those with mental health issues) harbor and internalize in unhealthy ways. People of all ages must learn to love and care for each other properly. Mental health awareness and support is the first step toward helping a rising problem in this country. Treating each other with respect and dignity on a daily basis is the next. School children are immature but the adults have no excuse. We should be teaching our children to set examples and never be the bulky or the clown who makes fun. We as adults need to practice such behavior in public ourselves. I believe that simple kindness and simple awareness of health issues can help make the world a better place, and possibly prevent the next tragedy and that is my Profound Perspective.

Friday, December 21, 2012

SHES Aftermath Pt 1: Gun Control

The Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy has once again sparked the debate for gun control legislation. After each unfortunate mass shooting in America there is a discussion for gun control. It has been pushed back to prevent a knee jerk reaction many times before however I feel as though now is the time it will not be ignored.

Many times people have called for an all out ban on guns, I do not believe this is a reasonable response as it would punish law abiding citizens. Furthermore the last time I checked criminals do not make legal gun purchases anyways. I am split on parts of this issue. I believe in the right to carry handguns (concealed carry as well) and to own all weapons for reasonable self defense and hunting. What I do not believe in is the right to own fully automatic rifles with 100 round drums .

There is a limit to the weapons we are allowed to own. I can't own a nuke or a fully armed F-22 or Tank if I could afford it (extreme examples of course) so where do we draw this line? Fully automatic Uzis and high powered fully automatic rifles have no place in self defense or hunting. These are war machines capable of cutting down large crowds.

Let it be known that most of the killing done in Newtown, CT and Aurora, CO were done with handguns and shotguns, weapons that I support having. These weapons were tools used by the deranged to cause carnage. I believe in the right to bear arms. I also believe it has reasonable limitations as well just like the first amendment. I cannot yell fire in a crowded place and hide behind free speech. Therefore one should not be able to own impractical war machines and say its my second amendment right.

There must be reasonable concessions on both sides. There are too many states that make it nearly impossible to own and carry firearms. Nobody has to justify having a right to free speech and neither should I have to justify my right to carry a firearm. There are certain places where the average joe shouldn't be able to carry (but police still can) such as private business who decided they do not welcome guns (no different than declining someone who has no shirt shoes, etc) and places where there is a security risk (government facilities, courthouses, etc). The NRA came out with a poorly worded response to the tragedy and its aftermath. They may have meant well but they came off as right wing maniacs. I actually support having armed officers and guards in schools. As a matter of a fact recent studies have shown that 1 in 3 schools already have armed personnel (mostly high schools). Now I am not going as far as requiring armed teachers and administrators however children are precious cargo and they should be given reasonable protection to guard against the unthinkable.

Timothy McVeigh used household ingredients to kill 168 people and injure over 800. More children died that day than in Newtown a week ago. I say that not to compare atrocities but to site that the deranged will always find ways to harm. The tools are not to blame and banning guns wont stop madmen from killing. This country is a violent culture than can be negotiated just fine for all those mentally healthy. Violence in media is not the cause of societies problems. I find it more alarming to kill a large animal then butcher it for food (which has gone on for centuries) than it is to watch a fictional gunfight. The true underlying problem with these killings is what leads me into my next post. The true problem with these mass killings is Mental Health in America.

Responding To A Tragedy

The tragedy of Newtown is a tragedy for all of America. A world where 1st graders are not safe in school is a sign of the times. A microcosm for the ills of America. I am not capable of writing words to express the heartbreaking sorrow for all the families affected. My heart truly goes out to them.

In the wake of this event there has been much discussion about addressing some key issues in America which I will address in two separate posts. Each post will cover the topics of Gun Control and Mental Health. Please read, stay open minded and add to the discussion of my Profound Perspective.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Art of Manliness

I had to share this blog because it is a great and interesting bank of knowledge for all men and even the women who want some info and insight. Check it out:

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Invest In Yourself

Far too often I see men and women take themselves through so many relationship issues that it ruins relationships for them. That is how we end up with the idea that there are no good men, or no good women. People start so early and often so recklessly especially at the younger high school and even middle school age. Many people are fine until they hit college and then they lose control. We have got to start thinking about the far reaching consequences of our sexual actions. At too young an age we start, and too often in the college years we go wild. Each time you engage in another you take apart of them. For the men they lose just one more piece of their respect toward women and eventually a family, losing that part of being a respectable husband. For women they lose their self respect and ability to be a respectable wife one day.

Think about it, after seeing such dirty, cruddy things, being cheated on, or even doing crazy stuff ourselves how does that affect your views. Often the men and women who do the most and the worst, were hurt themselves, both stop caring, both lose self respect and eventually the good go bad. After that you can cause a lot of damage to yourself very quickly piling up high body counts and doing things we often want to forget about. Before long you end up with a past you cannot change making excuses as for why its ok.

There is nothing worse than coming across the person that's perfect for you yet your past is a deterrent to a future with them. As men too often we mess around without thinking about the consequnces on ourselves and her. For men its often not until you have the wrong women pregnant that we feel the error of our ways. As a women when you feel sick afterwards, and you realize your body count is high you feel it. Both sides stop caring, both sides often hide their pain in drugs and alcohol. Both sides see their relationships get worse or more and more empty, eventually you lose hope in finding the right one.

Its only a matter of time when you grow old and alone and eventually more and more broken families, more and more unhappiness. Its sad to see good people searching for something their past has robbed or limited them of. "You only live once", "only God can judge me", and a whole list of cliches that give us excuses to act reckless and avoid being held accountable. Only God is the master of the universe and ultimate judge, but we are human, we do judge, and we must make decisions based on the information available, no man wants a women with a long and alarming history, no women wants a man who has a high body count and lost his respect for women and relationships. Not to mention the baggage that comes with failed relationships and partners. Its even harder to move on when you have children from a past relationship.

The more you guard your relationships and sexual partners you invest in yourself to make yourself more valuble down the line to your potential mate. I am not saying everyone is going to be a virgin, but if you are going to cross that line make sure that person is worthy, make sure you are in a relationship committed to one another. Treat it like you are vetting your presidential running mate, dirt from the past can and will cause issues, do you really want to bring that into your campaign?

As you read this know that each day you draw breath you can make a change, you cannot change the past but you can start rebuilding your future. Do not lose hope, do not give up, do not give in. There are so many things acceptable in the culture of today, that does not mean they are ok.  Start over and from this day forward carry yourself with pride and respect, the way our parents would be proud of, they way your future spouse would be proud of.

Think twice before you keep sharing yourself with others, after a while you have nothing of yourself left to give when the time is right.